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Company profile

Kunshan Gong Tong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive environmental protection project that integrates technology research and development, engineering design, construction and installation, product sales, after-sales service and technical consultation. Contractors and environmental protection machinery manufacturing companies. The professional undertake various kinds of air pollution, sewage treatment and control project, specializing in the manufacture of various k...

Our products


  • XXX motor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is XXX Corporation set up in Suzhou Industrial Park in October 1, 2002, the Japanese owned c...

  • This case is a set of 20 + 45000m3/h and 200mg/ Nm3 concentration runner + direct fired oxidation furnace treatment syst...

  • It is the leading enterprise of global evaporative heat exchange products and ice storage products. Products are widely ...

  • Party A the existing coating production workshop, production line for high concentration organic waste gas exhaust emiss...

  • This case is a set of activated carbon adsorption desorption catalytic combustion treatment system with a concentration ...

  • During the production and processing of wood, a lot of wood dust, paint and dust are produced in the workshop, which is ...

Our advantages

  • Advanced management concept
    The enterprise is people-oriented, personnel integrity, humanized management and institutionalized requirements, so that personnel and talents in a good working atmosphere in an efficient, rigorous and pleasant way to do things.
  • Regular personnel training
    The company pays great attention to personnel, training and training of talents. The staff of various departments have internal training every week, and there are many outside training every year.
  • Continuous technological innov...
    In the introduction of foreign technology constantly at the same time, also in the continuous research and development, innovation, the introduction of new products and new technology, in the original products of continuous improvement, inn...
  • Strong design strength
    The company has a team of experienced, energetic, innovative, rigorous work and technical personnel, senior title of five, the intermediate title twenty, certified technicians hundreds of people engaged in this industry, the shortest time i...
  • Strong production strength
    The company's production facilities and facilities are very well equipped, and some of them are imported from abroad. Some of them are high quality equipments, facilities and high degree of automation in the well-known enterprises. The...
  • Quick after-sales service
    The company specializes in professional after-sales service teams and vehicles, and has been engaged in after-sales service for more than ten years. It is highly professional and rich in experience. It can provide technical support and serv...

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